Myka 9 calls on Abstract Rude & Joaquin Daniels for “Satisfy My Soul”

A-OK All Day Records presents the Makana Weiss-directed music video for “Satisfy My Soul”, the new single from Cloud Nine, the collaboration album between Los Angeles emcee Myka 9 and UK producer Profound, who tragically passed away just after the album’s completion. “Satisfy My Soul” features appearances from fellow Project Blowed vet Abstract Rude as well as Joaquin Daniels. Out now on A-OK All Day, Cloud Nine also features appearances from Blu (watch the lyric video for “Joy & Pain”), as well as Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Eligh & The Grouch of Living Legends, Blueprint, Lily Fangz, Joaquin Daniels and DJ Essential, and cover art is provided by Mear One. Myka redefined the boundaries of rhyme and meter as a founding member of Los Angeles collective Freestyle Fellowship (“Innercity Boundaries” on Youtube) and has also released several solo albums. Founded by DJ A-OK, A-OK All Day is an independent hip-hop record label based on the Hawaiian island of Kauai which is “dedicated to a pure Hip Hop sound created with integrity and devotion.” “Satisfy My Soul” follows up on visuals for previous Myka/Profound single “Walking With God” (Youtube).

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