NeemTheGreat tries to shake the “Lamez” on new single

On February 21st, recording artist NeemTheGreat released his hot new record titled “Lamez.” After a brief hiatus, Neem starts the year off with a banger featuring Carlito SF, Freelance, and Obasi Jackson who is the brother of Pop Smoke.

The record is anthemic as it is an ode to all the men out there that have to witness the woman of their dreams with a lame. Aside from the subject matter, the track is quality due to the dope collaboration and bouncy summertime sounding production.

“Lamez was one of those songs I had in the cut and just wanted it to be heavy with features. I decided to throw an artist from the Tri-State on the record. Pop Smoke’s brother Obasi Jackson was also featured on the record. One thing I admire about him is that he never used his name for clout even before what happened to him.”

This single is set to take over all streaming services and you can expect more from NeemTheGreat soon. Be on the lookout for his forthcoming project Sunset in LA 2 and new visuals.

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