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Exclusive Interview: Fabo discusses his new “Jet Pack” visual, longevity in the game and more

You know one artist I never felt truly got his props for being ahead of his time? Look no further than Fabo. The rapper got his first look on a national level with D4L and was undoubtedly one of the major reasons they succeeded. His flair, unique sense of style and seemingly limitless energy was simply infectious.

15 years later Fabo is still highly relevant in the game, one that is more suited to the style he has always brought to the table. Standout appearances in 2020 like his amazing feature on K. Camp’s “Tatted Up” has kept his name ringing. On the solo tip, the Atlanta product is still booming as well with his own music, merch and endorsement opportunities rolling.

Today he brings his new visual for “Jet Pack“, a single produced by Zaytoven and Rowezart. The accompanying visual sees Fabo take us on a trip in spaceship, matching the vibes of the catchy track. He links with the innovative platform droppTV for the release, allowing him to sell merch from his own GIK clothing line and other products directly from the visual.

Luckily we were granted the opportunity to speak with Fabo about the new drop:

To kick things off, how has life been for you lately? We know these are some wild times we are living in with the pandemic.

I think that everybody was hit pretty hard with the pandemic. Me myself, I know it’s not over but I’m glad that we are on the back end of this thing.

As someone already long established in the rap industry, what changes or trends have you noticed lately that you would say have benefitted you?

Definitely streaming has benefitted me and having songs that people could revamp and still love. And then with me doing a lot of dancing throughout my career; I seem to fit right in with a lot of TikTok influencers.

You are an artist I often mention as one who was ahead of their time. A lot of what you brought to the table was so new and fresh when you burst into the scene. Do you feel as though you set the stage for some of the artists we see break into the game today?

Definitely. I felt like I left a huge footprint on the industry. I’ve seen a few artists in this generation use a couple of plays from the D4L playbook.

Switching gears, your new commercials for the fast food restaurant Krystal’s have been a huge hit. How did your endorsement of them come about?

I had a chance to hookup with Butter.ATL on Instagram who then put me in touch with the Award winning Dagger Agency who thought I would be wonderful for the Krystal campaign, and it worked out great.

Yeah, it’s a fan favorite commercial for sure. You’ve also just dropped a new visual with droppTV for your single “Jet Pack”. As usual the song and video is energy-packed, a trademark for you. How did the concept of the video all come together?

I worked with Digital Dope and droppTV with my previous video which was called Again, and while we were shooting that video we came up with the idea for this one which is “Jet Pack.” We got with Carmel Ceravalo and Renovation Studios and we jumped in a spaceship and went across the galaxy.

In listening to it it’s clear you have a love for Sci-Fi. What are some of your favorite sci-fi films?

I like everything Sci-Fi. I’ve watched all the Star Trek’s series including Voyager and Enterprise at least 4 times. I watched all the Star Wars movies at least 8 times a piece. Avatar…you name it, I’ve watched it.

What I found cool was certain pieces of merch from your own “GIK” line and LG products can be purchased directly from the video. Is this type of functionality a major reason why you’ve decided to partner with droppTV for your recent releases?

Definitely. I feel like it is great for fans to be able to order what they want when they want it. Selling items directly from a music video, which droppTV introduced, is a really neat idea.

As someone who has accomplished a lot what is the moment of your career thus far that you are most proud of?

This moment, being in 2021 and still being relevant, working hard, and remaining a fan favorite.

What do you think is the most common misconception people have about Fabo?

That I am wild and crazy. I can be a teddy bear.

What else is on the horizon for you in the near future that people should look out for?

I just did the 85 South show, and I’m in a new movie with Zaytoven called “Finesse 2.” I like being on the big screen. Right now I’m just focusing on putting out a great project for my fans and hope I can give them some more timeless music.

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