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Exclusive Interview: Get To Know Rising East Coast Artist Dunc

1. What Is Your Name and What City Do You Rep?

My name is Dunc and I represent the whole Connecticut but my home is New Haven, CT. Hillside to be exact.

2. Can Tell Us about your latest releases and what inspired you to do them?
My 2 latest releases are “Wintertime Grind” and “Drunken Duncan”.Wintertime Grind is a joint project with my brother and label mate Norman Bayts and with that project we just wanted to do something differentwith the creative process, so we took to our social media outlets and letthe supporters pick the production we used for the project and let them watch as we wrote, recorded and mixed it. The plan was to make the Supporters feel as much a part of the process as we are, almost like a choose your own path book.
Drunken Duncan on the other hand is a product of my grief. I’ve lost a lot of family during  2020 including both of my grandparents months apart. On top of that the stresses of trying to have meaningful relationships while trying to process loss and heal is difficult in itself. I’m not a big crier, it happens from time to time because we only human but in the words of Jay-Z “I Can’t See Them Coming Down My Eye, So I Had To Let The Song Cry” In this case I let the album cry.

3. What Is Unique About You and Your Music?
I’m myself in real life, I’m myself in my music. Everything you heard me say I have experienced the good, bad and indifferent. What sets me apart is I don’t have this burning desire to be cool that some others may have. I give the real me and give the listener the option to like or dislike it.

4. What Shaped Your Music?
Life has shaped my music. I know that sounds cliché but everything I write is based off of things I have experienced or others have experienced around me. Even party tracks are inspired from parties we have thrown or attended. That’s what makes the music really relatable to the listener.

5. What Inspires You To Write Music?
The need to create is what inspires me. The fact that I can hear a beat, have a thought and literally  create something that can heal, help and inspire others is amazing when you think about it. Also again life inspires me. Songs like “Cry in The Car” & “Bad Girls” were written directly after those situations. While processing the deaths of my grandparents made it so I didn’t even write “To The Moon and Back” its just my raw feelings.

6. What Do You Do When You Don’t Do Music (creative or otherwise) and That You Are Passionate About?
Well I’m never not making music but during my breaks I’m a big gamer, very active uncle and 2 Time defending Champion Spades player in my city. So I guess its safe to say I’m a card player. If its not music though I’m with my family. Family is very important to me.

7. Happiness To You Is….
Trying…I mean that’s the only real freedom right? Whether you get it right or not.
To attempt something new, to travel into unknown territory is liberating. We as people sky dive without wings because its an experience we don’t get to have unless we conquer the fear of death (or not being able fly) but that fall, for however long it may be is freeing. “Trying” is skydiving on land to me. Its taking a leap of faith and believing it will work out.

8. What Do You Wish You Were Told When You First Started Making Music That You Think Would Help Artist Just Starting Out?
YOU CAN’T EAT TALENT!!! As a young artist you believe that you are dope and that should get you where you need to be and you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to network, market yourself, take losses and understand not every hand is a helping one. I would also tell them INVEST IN YOURSELF, If You won’t put your own money into your music then why should anyone else?

9. Tell Us About Your Upcoming Projects….
So for me personally I’m gonna be releasing “Drunken Duncan 2” at the end of the year. My Label mates Qveen Nerdezz Is releasing “Love Omenz” which is the full version of her “Love Omenz” 2 pack she released earlier this year (streaming on all platforms), Norman Bayts “6 Shots Later” on April 10th and for the summer the whole team is working on the “B.T.T. EP” which is all dance music to set off Summer 2021 after being locked  inside the crib all year.

10. Where Do We Find Your Music/Music projects?
For All My Current releases “Winter Time Grind” & “Drunken Duncan” I am Currently on ALL streaming platforms just look up Dunc but if your are new to me you can go to Audiomack.com and search Dunc Nerd at The Cool Table and everything you need is right there. You can also follow me on Instagram @Duncpenderhue. 

11. Any Last Words For The Readers?
Thank You for streaming, Fuck quarantine!!! This summer is “B.T.T.”        BACKROOM.

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