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Toronto R&B newcomer Mighloe has just dropped her first single of the season – ‘Don’t Call Me’

Mighloe’s new single ‘Don’t Call Me’ is the soundtrack you listen to while shaking off those hangers-on and rising from the ashes of past relationship like the badass phoenix you are. Swimming in a swirling mist of R&B sensuality, this Canadian artist sings “please don’t call me up, I ain’t answering, got no time for it” and from the serious expression on her face in the minimalist music video, you know she ain’t playing.

“Writing ‘Don’t Call Me’ came from a place of being fed up. There are so many people that come in and out of our lives, and sometimes these people hinder our stability and sense of self. This song was my way of saying “enough!” I will no longer let these people take parts of myself. It’s me realizing that my energy is sacred and will not be disturbed. It’s the final “Fuck You” but say it politely. “Don’t Call Me.””, explains Mighloe.

‘Don’t Call Me’ is the first taste of her upcoming project, Desperate Times, which will mark her third independent EP release – the first that will be licensed and supported by Toronto based record label Public Records Inc.


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