Ally Barron Releases Music Video for “What’s Her Number”

Singer, songwriter, and actress Ally Baron has released the moody music video for alt-pop track “What’s Her Number,” a fierce anthem of female solidarity and the lead single off her forthcoming debut EP Sincerely, AB. Co-written by Ally and Tony Ferrari, the track rides a glossy 808-laden beat towards an unshakable hook as she asks, “What’s her number? She could use a warning about you.”

“I wrote it after a tough relationship,” Ally reveals about the lead single. “We weren’t together and I knew he was seeing other girls, which obviously makes any situation hard. My first instinct was to focus on what the girl had done wrong until I realized it’s never the girl’s fault, it’s always the immature guy. As girls, we should be helping each other out, so it inspired me to write a song based on giving girls warnings about the bad guys out there. Kind of a way of saying get out while you can!”

The rising songstress was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the track, her forthcoming music and more!

You just released the music video for your lead single off your debut EP! How does it feel?

It feels absolutely amazing! My feelings on finally being able to release music that sounds like me, and that embodies my stories and experiences from outside the show “Malibu Surf” are indescribable. In the simplest way, I’m so excited with how it came out. This EP gave me the opportunity to find myself musically and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

What does “What’s Her Number” mean to you?

“What’s Her Number” is a song I hold close to my heart. I wrote it about a year before it was released, so for a long time it was like a child to me. Again, it was the first time I had the chance to write a song true to my life and my feelings outside of the show “Malibu Surf.” Finally having that opportunity meant I was able to fully express myself and send a message I have always wanted other girls to hear.

What was the creative process like making the video?

The creative process initially began with me listening to the song on repeat. Doing this helped me create a vision for the direction I wanted to go in, based on the feelings I got while listening to it over and over. I always knew I wanted to incorporate vintage elements, such as the VCR and old-school phone, but the dark and grungy aspects were subsequent and meant to create an intense vibe for the viewer. The creative director, Nas, was a huge part in helping me make my vision come to life.

What can fans expect from your debut EP?

Fans can expect to hear a whole new sound from me. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve known I wanted to move out of the extreme bubble pop world, and more into pop R&B because that’s where my voice naturally sits. I have finally reached a point where I know who I want to be and what I want to sound like as an artist, and it comes through in my EP. Even though it’s completely different than the music I have previously released, I hope that my fans who have grown with me can relate to the mature issues I have gone through and that I sing about.

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