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The Silk War releases new single and music video “Barcelona”

NYC’s female-fronted rock band The Silk War has released their newest single “Barcelona,” along with a hauntingly beautiful music video. The electrifying five-piece, known for their patented post-wave sound, also revealed the track listing from their independent debut full-length album, Come Evening, out May 14th. The new song is filled with offset piano, sweeping guitars, and accompanied with dark lyrics that explores the dynamic of a relationship that sees no future when one is stuck in the past.

The Silk War explains that the lyrics “wax and wane over the longing of loving someone who lives without you by constantly living in their past, in their ‘Barcelona.’ We see this as killing the present, ending your life to only end up as a dream to those around you.”

In the music video, shot mostly on 16mm film and filmed at The Park Church Co-op in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, we see the band performing in a cathedral with smoke behind them as lead vocalist Alexandra Blair cries out to her partner, “Their bones, they sing your songs; don’t replace all you’ve done wrong. Next time take me along, just me and my dream of you.” The Silk War goes on to say that the video seeks to represent what it’s like when your significant other is not there, explaining, “This is portrayed in the video by both walking into the ocean (vis-à-vis Virginia Woolf) and a surrounding vigil of candles with no audience. You cannot help but mourn the relationship that you are in if the other person cannot be present to everything that is right in front of them.”

Watch the official video for “Barcelona” here:

“Barcelona” follows the band’s previously released single “Blue Hour,” which they dropped earlier this month when they officially introduced their upcoming album. “Blue Hour,” named for the 10-minute twilight between night and day, is about staying up all night, often on a bender, and immersing in debauchery, whether alone or around others. To see the blue hour is to live in waiting; waiting for someone to make your life better because you don’t know how.

Check out “Blue Hour” here:

In between engineering for iconic bands such as Nine Inch Nails and Interpol, guitarist James Mullen thought about forming a band. Introduced to Alexandra in 2017 by a mutual friend, they unlocked immediate chemistry, bonding over a shared interest in Sylvia Plath. Fusing together anesthetized synths with glassy guitars and shadowy ponderances, they unlocked a signature sound. The Silk War first teased their original music in 2019 with the release of “Velvet.” After building buzz throughout NYC with packed shows at Baby’s All Right, Mercury Lounge, The Vinyl Room at Soho House, and more. Along with Angelo Miliano [keyboards], Josh O’Guinn [bass], and Andrew Mega [drums], the quintet dive into the dark on Come Evening. If these two songs are any indication on what’s to come on the album, sign us up!

Download/stream “Barcelona” here Check out and follow them on Instagram (@thesilkwar) for more info.

Come Evening cover art

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