Rudy Touzet Releases Music Video for “Play Me Again”

Rising pop singer/songwriter Rudy Touzet has released his high energy music video for sexy and electronic dance track “Play Me Again.” The track details the feeling you get when you’re with someone and you never want that moment to end, just like when you have that one song you can’t take off of repeat because it’s just that good.

The single is the follow up to Rudy’s sultry dance pop track “Fatal Attraction.”  Inspired by an experience of spending the night with a woman twice his age, the pulsating track details his attraction to someone who knows their worth, what they want, and will make sure they get it.

With catchy lyrics, danceable songs, and a growing fanbase, the 21-year-old Miami-born Cuban/American singer has all of the makings of a pop act to watch. Over the past year, Rudy has released music with producers Luke Shrestha and Simon Jay who he met at Charlie Walk’s Music Mastery Studios that have amassed almost one million views and 30K monthly listeners on Spotify with intentions set to evoke pure emotion from his listeners with every release.

Rudy describes himself as a “shy guy” who gets along with everyone while still being able to maintain his awkwardness. “Music is the only thing that gets me out of reality when I need it the most,” he shares. “I want people to feel my voice and either dance it out, cry it out, or sing it out.”

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