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Premiere: Yung Illie aspires to motivate on “QUALIT2Y” LP

Yung Illie has long been a consistent figure in Moss Point’s music scene with several project releases over the years. Today he adds to his catalog, celebrating 4/20 with the release of the sequel to his 2018 “QUALITY “. In regards to “QUALIT2Y”, Yung Illie shared his inspiration:

“The inspiration behind this album is being motivated and staying determined. Staying focused on the end goal, which is to inspire the next generation to be great. Never give up on what you love to do always stay focused and never limit your creativity! I want it to inspire listeners to know that no matter where we come from we can always become greater than outcome.”

QUALIT2Y clocks in at 16 tracks long with features from Lola Lauren, X Havoc and Mike E.D.. Stream it below or head to your favorite streaming platform and check the vibes.

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