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Mighloe arrives from Toronto with sultry R&B gem ‘Rainy Days’

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Mighloe is a one to watch in the R&B scene of that city and it’s gems like ‘Rainy Days’ that confirm this status. Following on from confident output ‘Don’t Call Me’, this new single is all about opening up your heart to love, requited or otherwise, even if that means getting hurt. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill us, make us stronger.

“‘Rainy days’ is about opening yourself up to requited love! A love that goes both ways. It’s sweet and sexy and drenched in obsession. It’s about begging for the rainy days, for the sorrows because in those desperate times, when we are weak; is where our love is the strongest,” says Mighloe.

The video is looks as sensual as the song sounds. Drenched in blue hues, there’s an 80s vibe to the visuals thanks to those billowing curtains, the Madonna-style outfit that Mighloe is sporting and that old school romanticism that exudes from the whole production.

‘Rainy Days’ will feature on Mighloe’s debut EP, Desperate Times – coming soon.


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