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First Day Feature: Yung Illie reflects on “QUALIT2Y” LP

In your eyes what is considered a quality project? Is it the production? How the tracks flow together with one another? Music is subjective, so of course we’ll all probably be looking for different things. For Moss Point, Mississippi product Yung Illie it’s all about being a motivating factor.

In regards to his new LP “QUALIT2Y”, Yung Illie made it clear he wanted to give the listeners a positive push forward. “The inspiration behind this album is being motivated and staying determined”, said Illie when asked about his mind frame towards it. To do so he brings forth what is arguably his best work, filled with an array of quality records that range from introspective to hustler’s anthems.

With the album still making it’s rounds, we reached out to Yung Illie to learn more about the project from his perspective:

For those getting an introduction to you today could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m upcoming artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from the coast. A jack of all trades.

Moss Point is a place I know all too well, but from your perspective what was the city like as you grew up in it?

Well Moss Point was a place like any rural area but we make the best of it. We get a bad rep sometimes but we still find a postive way to show a different side of moss point that people can love and embrace. Sometimes they think we are the villains but we really the heroes.

How do you feel the way you grew up shapes your music now?

It has shaped my music a lot because we are cut from a different cloth than other artists in Mississippi. We are not from Jackson or up north like Yazoo, we from the coast. It’s different here, the vibe, the way we grew up is the blueprint we put into the music.

You’re fresh off the release of your new album QUALIT2Y. What was the process like going into creating it all?

It was a long process bro, honestly. I had a bad car wreck a year ago and it stopped a lot of my plans I had made before. So once I got better I started recording more songs that I felt fit the project and I’m blessed because I’ve been getting good reviews.

Being that it is a sequel did you feel pressure to make it better than the first or was it similar to when you make other projects?

Yes, I definitely felt pressured to drop it a lot of people were asking me where is the new music, are you still rapping? You know I had to really take my time on the sequel because as they say it’s always better. I might make a part 3.

What made you want to create a sequel to the original Quality project?

Well the reason I made a sequel was because of that sonic sound I made on the first one. I was rapping on trap beats when I made Optimistic in 2015, then I started using mostly samples. The new sound has elevated me.

The project is very personal to start with “Conversations” leading things off. Is it hard for you to let your guard down for the listeners or do you feel you have a responsibility to do so as an artist?

Yes, the intro “Conversations” is very personal and it’s a great song. I just wanted to speak my mind on that song. I feel like we need that type of vibe I think everybody loves that intro.

What is your favorite track from the album and why?

My favorite songs off the album have to be Greatness, God In My Spirit and I Neva. I really shined on those songs.

What can people be on the lookout for next from you?

I’m working on my next album called GOATTALK, it will be out real soon.

Any last words before we conclude?

My last words? I’m fresh as the first day. Yesirrr.

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