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First Day Feature: DaddySlo talks “95′ Circa Forever In A Moment” LP

There’s a difference in passion for music and someone who does it for the money. Passion is what keeps an artist consistent. The love for music brings them back and allows someone to reinvent their sound time and time again.

One artist who carries the passion in him for music is Moss Point, Mississippi product DaddySlo. Slo is a lifelong lover of music who has produced, rapped, sang and helped cultivate record labels in the last. Today the desire still burns as he comes off the release of his last project “95′ Circa Forever In A Moment”.

With the project still making it’s rounds we reached out to Slo for a Q&A session to find out the inspiration behind it and what’s next for him:

First thing first, for anyone hearing you for the first time today please introduce yourself.

My name is DaddySlo. I’m just a kid that grew to adulthood in Moss Point MS. I create vibes. My goal is to bring transparency back to Music

As a producer and artist I’m interested to know who your inspirations were. Were they people who also wore both hats?

Parliment, Prince, Bootsy Collins, Cash Money records and Otis P Carter III.

When would you say you fell in love with music and what made you decide to officially get involved with the industry portion of it yourself?

As a kid I would play along side the radio on pots and pans. Once I got to an age where I could really understand I realized I would have to learn myself the qualities in music the people around me couldn’t give me.

What do you think you’ve learned both as a musician and as a businessman since coming into the game?

Do it yourself. If not you can always pay for what you need. That’s the only way to have a expectation. The truth always connects better.

Switching gears, you’re back , with a new single “Litty”. The song carries an ultra-mellow vibe which suits you well. How did it come together.

I wanted to create a song with my own definition of what a good time was.

It also kicks off your latest project “95′ Circa Forever In A Moment”. Before we get into the actual music on there what does the title mean to you?

Its giving in full circle what i have learned on life since birth all in a short dissertation.

What was your goal as far as the sound you wanted to present this time around?

I wanted to create something that resemble the aura that I bring to space in real time.

Being someone who has listened to you for a while it seemed as though you took more chances and dabbled with other sounds this time. Was that your intention or just more of your natural progression as an artist?

I feel like as you grow you understand the music is just processed emotion. The genres and style come from the listeners to help them understand or connect with their own traumas and good times to a place thats relatable.

What is your favorite song on the album and why?

Pull Over. It really speaks on advice I had to learn to take myself.

Are you looking to do any visuals for any of the records?

One has been recorded already. Will be two more released as well. But which ones will be a secret until its released.

What is a little known fact about you?

I was 16 when I got a tattoo that said music is life. At 25, 90 percent of my life evolves around music and the arts.

What else should people be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

I just did a feature with my long time friend 2koldd and Jamaull. Also have another tape dropping the end of May which will feature a few artist from throughout the south.

Any last words before we conclude?

Love yourself and dont ever let anyone stop you from your dreams. Also the moments between knowing what you want and getting what you want is the greatest art.

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