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Damon Elbert Goes Harder With Drakeo The Ruler Co-Sign In ‘World Watching’ Video

Drakeo The Ruler’s latest Stinc Team signee is 18-year-old Seattle rapper Damon Elbert and he just dropped his debut “World Watching,” music video.

The North Seattle native has appeared on numerous Stinc Team releases including Drakeo The Ruler’s 2020 “We Know The Truth” mixtape

“Every time we step outside/Treat it like it’s my last time/The whole world watching/My brothers say I’m getting distant/I’m just sticking to the vision/I gotta get it,” Damon raps in the opening chorus.

“World Watching” follows the video for “Choice” along with a string of singles Damon has shared this year so far — including his playmaking “What’s The Plot” collaboration with Drakeo The Ruler.

Watch the full video for “World Watching,” below.

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