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Charmaine ups the ante with extended edition of her EP, Hood Avant Garde

Y’all remember when Charmaine proclaimed at the end of her single ‘WOO!’, “fuck it, I’m about the make a Latin record next”? Well she’s kept her promise and delivered this spicy lil enchilada of track titled ‘A Mi Manera’. On this she’s teamed up with Latin artist Valentino who sings in his insatiable Spanish flow over a vibey AF dance track. Charmaine is also flexing her subtle R&B vocals on this track, once again showing off her astonishing versatility.

And ‘A Mi Manera’ hasn’t arrived alone. Charmaine’s extended EP version has two new features, ‘SIZZLE’ with Atlanta rapper Kali and and reworking of ‘I DON’T CARE’ to become ‘WE DON’T CARE’ with Haviah Mighty. For long standing fans, don’t worry, Charmaine’s still got your faves whether that be ‘BOLD’ and ‘DOUBLE DUTCH’ (that’s the one for us).


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