RX Papi Links With RXKnephew For Hectic ‘Potholes’ Video

RxKnephew and Rx Pap and hitting licks and taking names in their latest masked-up visual for “Potholes.”

Arriving with production from Lil Yachty’s recent Michigan Boy Boat collaborator WhoTheHellIsCarlo, “Potholes” is a homerun for trap-bound bangers.

Both RX Papi and RXKnephew have kicked their 2021 campaign into overdrive, delivering three projects between each other.

RxKnephew has put out two releases, including his Slitherman Activated effort in contrast to Rx Papi’s Dope Deals And Record Scales collaboration EP with Top$ide.

Watch the full video for “Potholes” below.

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