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James Landry’s Landry Legal is a force in entertainment

I was perusing James Landry’s Instagram yesterday and learned about advertising music to “Trigger Cities”, walking that line between hitting your target markets but also kickstarting the almighty algorithm in the most cost-effective way possible. Landry constantly provides gems of this sort for artists while copiloting artist-friendly hubs Songflowr and De Novo Agency. Landry is a people person and a champion of independent art being data-driven and transparent, striving to mitigate as much of entertainment’s shadowy element as possible.

With that said, there’s more to Landry as a lawyer than being The Music Esquire. He works with athletes and businesses in addition to entertainers, so the name of his firm should reflect that; Landry had this to say on the subject: “The demand in the music industry for a transparent attorney who was not bankrolled by labels at some level was evident and propelled me to where I am now, but my services have expanded form just music law to business and intellectual property as a whole. The name Landry Legal removes the implied specialization in only music and allows for a stronger name firm to back the artist, athletes, and businesses I represent. Landry Legal continues the goal of transparent representation for all individuals and businesses with the goal of protecting their brand.”

Whether small business owner, athlete, or entertainer, I’d encourage you to look into Landry’s many services. DNA (De Novo Agency) works as a strategic, analytical, data-driven hub to build brand awareness. Songflowr is for the musicians and has no interest in leaching off royalties by way of providing flat rate distribution services. And Landry Legal offers the type of counsel that every entertainer, small business owner, or athlete could trust and benefit from.

Big-time congratulations to James on his Landry Legal rebrand, please follow his movement at the links:



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