Rassy Bugatti’s ‘Million Dollar Fugitive (Deluxe) Album Is A Stinc Team Family Affair

Original Stinc Team rapper Rassy Bugatti has Rassy Bugatti has secured features from his blood relatives Drakeo The Ruler and Ralfy The Plug and more for the four-song deluxe edition of his Million Dollar Fugitive tape.

Rassy Bugatti brings listeners on a harrowing experience on Million Dollar Fugitive (Deluxe) — which highlights his struggles on records such as “Days Numbered” and also allows him to spazz out on tracks such as “Shia Lebouf.”

The tape also functions as a family reunion of sorts for Rassy Bugatti, who is blood-related to Drakeo The Ruler and Ralfy The Plug, who are his first cousins.

Stream Million Dollar Fugitive (Deluxe) below.

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