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V3RT – Top 5 [EP] Review

New Fire Alert! It’s some new artists coming into the game ready to make their presence known & V3RT is one of them. Rising new artist V3RT just dropped some fire recently. V3RT coming all the way from Philadelphia started rapping in late summer of 2018 & wasn’t even off the strength of her. It started from a little freestyle to a Don Q beat and all the people around her told her keep the pressure coming. It’s so believable because when you hear the bars but also the energy matching the bars, you know it’s done right. Her latest EP “Top 5” was solid. Very well put together for a new artist with barely any content. I had to sit on this for a second. After a few listens, I’m not saying this her best work, but its up there! From beginning to end, this is some sauce you can throw on & not skip once.

On this EP, V3RT really made a statement with this project. I felt not only did she really take her time putting this together but actually showing her skillset, how versatile she can be, & actually making quality content. My Fav joints are “Vortex” & “The Intro” but like I said, it’s all fire! Since The EP dropped she’s been in the studio non stop. Whether it’s getting a new video shot, handling a features, she’s showing she’s all in. V3RT is currently planning on getting out the city hit up different states to network, hit events to perform at, work with different engineers, & just get a feel for the independent grind overall. . There’s more heat on the way. This just the beginning. This time around V3RT wants to give her listeners and the new audience to come a different vibe, a new sound, a different feel altogether! Make sure you tuned in to V3RT on social media & tune into her latest EP “Top 5”.

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