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Artist George Khouri’s Gives His Perspective on the Key to Success in the Music Industry

George Khouri is a prime example of a new school contemporary artist. He captures the essence of what it means to create art and music across all mediums.

Starting his career as a writer, Khouri has since excelled to the next level and now has over 200k streams on Spotify, and is set to release his latest single, “FUNK DAT”, in the coming months. Khouri acknowledges the obstacles that are all too common in the music industry, but he always makes sure to see these setbacks as challenges that can help him grow rather than hinder him.

Khouri explains that he started from scratch in the music industry and has been self-taught ever since. He stresses that music is more accessible than it’s ever been, and that that’s a very beautiful thing. Khouri acknowledges how competitive the industry is, and points out that there is not one equation to success as a musician. He states:

“You can’t control outlucking someone but you can surely control outworking someone– I’m always down to put more work than the next person– or at least try my best to”.

You can hear more from Khouri at his Insta: https://www.instagram.com/georgekhouritv/

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