UK one-to-watch Alana Sukul rises up with R&B and dancehall influenced track ‘Closer’

“Realising your self confidence and worth is a beautiful thing. Grasp it, you’ll want to pull it closer.”

These are the words of Alana Sukul, the London firecracker who is quickly rising in the ranks as an R&B one-to-watch and while we wanna write this up on our bedroom wall as a daily affirmation, what the young artists is actually talking about is her new song ‘Closer’. It really is a confident track that exudes dancehall lusciousness and R&B coolness with a contemporary pop flair that makes it one of those tracks that you can play at any time of day or night or add to any playlist you’re vibing with. This blended style totally reflects where Alana Sukul is in her life right now – a youthful freshness that’s also subtly connected to her Caribbean ancestry. Finding herself is the vibe here and we’re here for it!


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