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Wilai Unleashes New Single With Visuals – “International Mami” Featuring Twope

Wilai is a bilingual artist from Thailand who raps and sings. She moved to the U.S. in pursuit of a prosperous music career. With goals to become a prominent international artist and humanitarian, Wilai has been diligently working to bring cutting edge and diverse music to her fans. She also has a background in pageantry and was a fnalist in, “Miss Universe Thailand”. 

Recently she released her new single titled, “International Mami” featuring Twopee with the official music video available on YouTube. The visuals were shot in New York City as well as Bangkok,Thailand which brings a different dynamic to the music industry and keeps her viewers locked in from beginning to end. Wilai shows off her fashion sense as she performs for the camera and Twopee brings a diverse approach to the song. The two collaborate perfectly with one another as they created mesmerizing visuals for their audience. 

As Wilai continues to lure in fans from around the globe, be sure to get better acquainted with her. She unveils consistent content to her followers and keeps them engaged which leaves them yearning for more. Wilai is certainly on the rise and does not plan to drop anchor anytime soon. With her sexy look and demeanor, musical talent, and work ethic, we will definitely be seeing a lot more from her. Check out “International Mami” on Youtube and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with this amazing independent artist. 

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