Baltimore’s Wordsmith comes with new LP “Bittersweet”

Prior and during this pandemic, Baltimore’s multi-hyphenate Wordsmith recorded “Bittersweet,” his latest album mimics the never-ending tug of war of life. The listener is fed a bitter dose of reality followed by a sweet rebuttal on the proceeding song. A consistent ordering of melodies, storytelling, thunderous production and some intellectual content are all covered on “Bittersweet.”

As an artistic partner for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Wordsmith has released 6 albums, is a verified Grammy voting member, and has released material with major corporations such as Netflix, ESPN, NFL, WWE over the past few years, including Russian Doll, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt [Netflix], Preacher [AMC], and recently two songs featured on NBA 2K21 [2K Games].

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