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Grey Hillz; Putting On For The Culture With ‘I Can’t Breathe’@greyhillz1

The Bronx has a rising legend in the making. Born and raised in the South Bronx, Grey Hillz shows no sign of slowing down. The south side artist is making a name for himself and through his lyrics he’s giving the younger generation hope.

This new track “I Can’t Breathe” is different..Listen to us, it’s real different from his past singles. Not only is Hillz singing extremely well, we might add, but the track just hits home. He begins by rapping about the everyday struggles and family members being murdered and subjected to harm from the ones that should be protecting our community. The video reflects on Hillz pouring his heart out on a well crafted beat that truly tugs on the heart. The passion definitely stems from his childhood and being raised in NYC.

Realizing his artistic calling at an early age, he grew into writing poetry which explains his wide range vocabulary and genius like word play. Grey found his escape from his daily struggles by pouring his feelings into his music. In a world where negativity is a heavy influence on young children, music was there and played a solid part in being able to express himself.

One of the many goals that Grey Hillz is working towards is to create a brand that will not only bring him countless achievements, but also one that benefits the people he cares for. He added that his mentality is to do better and be great, along with his innate humility, which is what encourages him to make his brand successful.

Grey Hillz started competing at numerous different showcases, placing 1st in competitions which earned him a spotlight on 50 Cent’s platform, Thisis50 and has also recently been interviewed by fan favorite Hot 97’s DJ Drewski where he freestyled over Nas’s legendary “Oochie Wally” instrumental. No phone, no paper off the dome and crushed it. Most artists’ nowadays just don’t have it like that and Grey Hillz came to school the ones that dont.

Fast forward, Grey Hillz’s consistency is unmatched, music videos on point, lyrics on top and a twist of charm for the ladies has got the music industry’s upright attention. Without question Grey Hillz is up next.

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