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COLL releases third and final Mixtape in series – ‘Blue Magic 3’

Norwich Rap star COLL has shared the highly anticipated third and final chapter in the Blue Magic mixtape series, ‘Blue Magic 3’ and unlike Game of Thrones, this is a finale you won’t want to miss!

Delivered with raw, magnetic energy and the wisdom of several years of artistic growth, ‘Blue Magic 3’ captures the heart and soul of COLL in all his many facets. From COLL the remorseful lover (Save Me), COLL the hustler  (L8 Nights), COLL the comedian (Who’s That), and even COLL the braggadocious drum and bass emcee. 

Set across various themes, genres, tempo’s and impressive, self-produced instrumentals, ‘Blue Magic 3’ is a masterful and dynamic body of work and a stand-out performance in COLL’s career. Also joining him on this epic final of a project are a small collection of the finest Rap artists from near and far, with Sleep’s Cousin going bar-for-bar with COLL on ‘Coldest Night’, Big Jeezy on ‘Wave’ and JR & Megamind vocalizing on ‘Oh MY’.

Speaking on the making behind the mixtape, COLL shares: “I made BM3 with the sole purpose of collaborating with other people I respect and I wanted it to be fun and something you can listen to on repeat. It’s my third mixtape and I feel very blessed to have come this far and to have worked with so many talented people along the way. This is the final one in the Blue Magic series so I hope you enjoy it.”


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