Johnny Kulo delivers groovey performance of R&B-soul single ‘Wrong’

Let’s get acquainted with Johnny Kulo, the multi-talented musician currently situated in the culturally rich city of Berlin.

He recently dropped tight R&B track ‘Wrong’ alongside a live music video featuring collaborators from Berlin’s burgeoning soul/jazz/R&B scene. Yeah, these genres can stand alone, but they’re so much better when mixed in together. As well as being a righteous track to groove along to, ‘Wrong’ is also a little side wink of a number that’s about admitting your mistakes but also enjoying the cheeky memories of a past relationship.

Like Kulo says: “I imagine the track will make you reminisce, a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time. Wandering into the idea of what could’ve been and what still could be. A song to send to your ex, an apology note of sorts. I don’t think every song needs to be immensely layered with emotion, I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove.”

It’s hella catchy and we can’t get enough.


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