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London’s Albert Gold celebrates life, moving on and getting together in soulful ‘WANT ME’

Hackney’s Albert Gold is a prolific songwriter who also seems to have a penchant for heartbreakers. Perhaps these two things have a symbiotic relationship, but we hope for the Londoner’s lil self that isn’t the case. That being said break-up songs especially when laced with dreamy soul and melting R&B are fantastic, but what’s even better are songs of celebration. Combine the two and you’ve got Gold’s newest track ‘WANT ME’.

Like he tells it:“The song came quite fast actually – it was the first session I did with producers Banjimak, Lvcebrown and Galyam. I wanted to write a empowered song for me and everyone: last year was quite a crazy one after losing so many people, some horrible breakups and just losing normality, and it was amazing to see everyone coming together, especially my black queer friends. I wanted to celebrate all of that and us being back together.”

Taken from Albert Gold’s upcoming PATTERNS project, ‘WANT ME’ is a luxurious blend of disco guitars and velvety soul melodies with a mosaic of textured beats. We especially love the confidence of certain lines like, “But I won’t stay, If you don’t know what you want”, sung in Gold’s dynamic range. All together, ‘Want Me’ just makes us wanna dance our fine selves away from all those unhealthy connections.

The single is complete with a music video filmed in between the various UK lockdowns at Albert Gold’s tower block flat in Clapton and it’s not too shabby at all.


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