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How Artist REMIRAY Made a Name For Himself Without a Record Deal 

Throughout college, REMIRAY had always daydreamed about being an artist. Although he was working towards a degree in pharmacy at the time, he also wanted to make a difference through music. It was only in 2017 that he decided to take his chances and pursue a singing career full-time.

Coming from Cameroon to Canada, REMIRAY knew he had to put in a lot of work to be successful. In his own words,

“One of the main challenges I would say I overcame was being taken seriously as a newcomer to the afro-beats scene and getting my music to be heard, felt, and loved by every one of different backgrounds. I was 26 when I started to gain popularity and without a strong musical network, I had to find a way to tap into an overpopulated music scene. It is cliche, but with full honesty, I can say that hard work and persistence are what helped me overcome my challenges. I first had to believe in myself as an artist, and the rest was history. Confidence is the key to success, and I believe that with all those factors, I was able to overcome all the challenges the music industry has so far thrown at me”.

Good songwriting and good songwriters in the music industry are difficult to find and very costly, especially to a new independent artist. REMIRAY had plenty of sleepless nights practicing song written and ghostwriting for other afrobeats artists. In his words again,

“I love to write. I used to ghostwrite for other afrobeats artists. I can proudly say that all the songs that I have ever recorded, have been written by me. I can appreciate different music genres and try to incorporate that into my unique style. I have deeply rooted ties with Cameroonian music styles as well as having the influences of other African nations and now Canada. I believe that I am an artist that adds passion, culture, openness, and belief in my style of music, but all these were achieved by continuous practice and learning every day”.

Some advice he would like to share with all artists is, “Be strong because you will get more noes than yeses. Do not give up and believe in yourself before needing others to believe in you. You must be consistent. I say this because your first attempt may go unnoticed, maybe even your second, third, or fourth. However, giving up cannot be an option if you want to find success in your life. You must be your number one fan, supporter, and motivator. Success is the finish line, always remember that”

To REMIRAY Success means growth. “I measure success by looking at where I started and where I am today. Realizing your growth makes you appreciate the hard work you put in and although you have an end goal in mind, you are still able to give yourself constant appreciation and recognition for what you do”.

Consistency in the music industry is what helps to propel an artist to the top and something he takes very seriously. To him being consistent makes an artist relevant and gives the artist more room to improve and overcome challenges.

You can follow REMIRAY on Instagram


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