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First Day Feature: Sage Harris collaboration with R&B icons Jagged Edge

R&B lovers across the world know of Jagged Edge’s dancefloor must have ‘Where The Party At’ featuring the one and only Nelly. Their sound defined generations to come and that gauntlet has been passed down to contemporary R&B name Sage Harris. This promising Toronto newcomer had the good idea to join forces with Jagged Edge, stretching a hand across the timeline of their shared genre, to create a fresh spin on that old classic. Sage Harris’ new version is called ‘Let Me Know’, with a chiller and more modern sound. We wanted to know a little more about this collaboration, so we asked Harris a few questions.

Let’s start by talking about your unreal collaboration with Jagged Edge, how did that come about? 

2 years ago, I met Brian Casey through a good friend of mine Markus Burns (a producer of The Real HouseWives Of Atlanta). From there, our relationship developed really organically which lead me to sending over a song I sampled after being a fan. We know that song as “Where the Party At” featuring Nelly. They heard the record, loved it and sent it back. Their instant support made me really happy. 

You must love classic R&B tracks then, so what are your top three of all time? 

I can’t give you a top 3. That’s not fair to me ha! Here’s 3 I’m listening to right now. Brandy ft Broken Wayna Morris, Stevie wonder – OverJoyed, Brian McKnight- Love of my life 

You talk about how the impact of covid played a role in your songwriting, what did you miss about “normal” life while in lockdown? 

Meeting people. I’m a peoples person and meeting people is something I enjoy doing. Also being in a room with someone creating a song is an entirely prodigious experience. 

Have you been to any gigs yet? Or plan to go to any in the near future? 

No gigs yet, but prepping for when one comes up. 

Tell us about working with Saturday Life Records as a growing artist? 

Saturday Life Records is actually a label I started. I’ve formed a team of talented and hard working individuals whom I trust with my career. 

Has living in Toronto and amongst fellow creatives in that area affected your approach to music in any way? 

I try my best to support the creative community by creating opportunities for other artists like myself to collaborate and learn from each other; for example, I planned a 3 day songwriting camp for 30 creatives this summer. The energy was so dope! The culture here is very diverse and if anything, I hope that at some point my music will contribute to the history of this city. 

Before we sign off, what else do fans have to look forward to from you? 

My second EP in 2022, more collaborations, and the Saturday Life movement expansion as it continues to grow.


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