Rod Rhaspy provides good vibes on his latest single “See You Soon”

As the weather gets colder and the sun starts setting earlier, we’re all in need of a pick-me-up — enter Bronx native Rod Rhaspy with new single “See You Soon,” and subsequent video release. Produced by multi-platinum producer Skitzo, the track begins with a violin melody reminiscent of Cornelius Brothers’ “Too Late To Turn Back Now,” until Rod Rhaspy comes in with his feel-good, reassuring vocals. He even quotes the beloved Sesame Street theme song “Sunny Days,” which ties in with his inspiration for the music video. Having grown up on the children’s show, Rod Rhaspy wanted to portray a more nitty-gritty take of it.The result is a hilarious bud-induced puppet skit that perfectly embodies the care-free vibes of the song. The single is truly a testament to taking yourself less seriously and enjoying the simple blessings in life that are often taken for granted.


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