Myrycle Mahn Fuses Multiple Generations Of Hip Hop On His ‘Party TIme (Remixes) Album

Cleveland-bred artist-producer Myrycle Mahn has traveled through multiple eras of Hip Hop with his Party Time (Remixes) album.

Across the 12-tracks embedded in his Party Time (Remixes) effort, Myrycle Mahn combines elements of 80’s era Hip Hop Hip Hop and modern rap sub-genres such as trap music.

Inspired by the influence of artists the Myrycle Mahn respects such as Snoop Dogg and JAY-Z, the project channels stylistic tendencies of bot G-funk and lyrical street rap, and can be streamed and purchased directly from his website

Over the course of his life, the 40-year-old has released countless records and worked with numerous artists including Cleveland-based acts Robem, Sellasie, and Fredo.

Stream Myrycle Mahn’s Party Time (Remixes) below.

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