hip hop


Post Pusher is this new platform dedicated to pushing independent artists to close the gap between independent and mainstream.

LeVar Dale stage name Escovar is the ceo of post pusher a marketing and promo company that uses social media to the max to give independent artists more exposure. Being an artist himself being taken advantage of by other companies is what made Escovar learn marketing through trial and error over a span of 12 years.

“I was tired of spending money with companies to find out they were only sending me robots and no one was actually listening to my music“.

Post Pusher uses Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube to make their clients more noticeable. The website IGPOSTPUSHER.COM has all types of services where you can connect directly with celebrities and popular influencers  that want to help independent artists and brands with a budget. From PR to Social Media promotion to music streams Post Pusher seems like they have a grip on all avenues for independent artist success.

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