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Don Juligans – “Kreayshawn (Prod. Mike Zombie)” 

Rising Los Angeles trio, Don Juligans, share with us their debut music, “Kreayshawn.” multi-platinum producer/rapper Mike Zombie, charismatic, Sengalese rapper, Squalla and Houston’s FRE$H (formerly went by the pseudonym “Short Dawg” as a Young Money recording artist), each member of Don Juligans have their own unique story, flow and style. However, their respective differences arguably make Don Juligans one of the more intriguing groups that you should watch in 2022. 

The party-ready single, named after viral Oakland rapper Kreayshawn, finds the trio spitting boastful, yet nostalgic, lyrical rhymes that subtly pay homage to Texas rappers and culture. “Play dumb/Got my check right, I can make bond/ (Aye, Aye) Double cups white like Kreayshawn,” FRE$H raps on the chorus. 

Don Juligans perform their catchy Mike Zombie-produced record at a variety of locations such as the mall, a private landing strip, a parking lot, and a Crown Fried Chicken. It doesn’t take long to realize the group has a strong chemistry, which easily explains why their energy is so contagious.

Watch the official “Kreayshawn” music video below, and save the single on your preferred streaming platform here

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