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Dust City Opera releases new single “The Unkind” off their new album Alien Summer, coming March 4th

Eclectic dark rock band Dust City Opera has released their new single “The Unkind,” giving us a glimpse of the operatic drama and dance-provoking horror that we can expect on their upcoming album, Alien Summer. The song starts with the soundbite of a voice talking in reverse speed, initiating the eerie atmosphere that is intended, and giving listeners a glimpse of the sound that makes Dust City Opera so unique. “The Unkind” quickly becomes almost cinematic, providing ominous imagery in every line. The musical features include that of both grunge rock and opera, creating a niche sound you would not expect out of a typical rock band. “Our new single ‘The Unkind’ paints a picture of trees uprooting themselves over a Halloween dance vibe. It’s a murderous plant race that comes out of hibernation once in a generation for a night of horror,” front man Paul Hunton shared.

Check out “The Unkind” here via the song’s official music video: 

Dust City Opera is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and includes members Paul Hunton [vocals, guitar, songwriter], Clara Byom [clarinet, accordion, keys], Travis Rourk [trombone], Chris Livingston [lead guitar], Scott Brewer [bass], and Dave Purcell [drums]. The sextet has an otherworldly vision that will be fleshed across their sophomore album, Alien Summer, when it’s released on March 4th. Hunton shares, “Alien Summer is meant to be a harrowing adventure. There’s some exhaustion, but there are also many moments of relief.” This gothic opera is sure to blow everyone away with the release of this new full-length album, taking listeners on an intergalactic apocalyptic journey unlike ever before.  

Download/stream “The Unkind” and pre-order Alien Summer here:

Dust City Opera will be headlining The Lobo Theater in Albuquerque on Friday, March 18th to commemorate the release of Alien Summer. The lineup will also include The Directory, Giovanni String Quartet, and MC Rusty Rutherford, making for a thrilling night of celebration. If you’re in the area, grab tickets now so you’re one of the first to experience this new music live in person.

For more info on Dust City Opera, visit and follow along @dustcityopera on all socials.

‘Alien Summer’ Cover Art

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