E-Stro Sees Opportunity In TikTok

Grinding ever diligently to capitalize on his recent album, Trust Issues, and finding new methods to get loyal fans for his music, E-Stro, a Los Angeles County artist, has a sound that has been described as diverse since it is not really evocative of any other emerging artists, save for maybe a little Joyner Lucas.

E-Stro collaborated with Killbunk on one of his hardest tracks from Trust Issues, “Frostbite,” to create a complete banger which led to a fantastic video on Tik-Tok that received significant buzz.

The LA spitter was raised on legends of Classic Rock like Jim Morrison in addition to Golden Era Hip-Hop. He is bent on utilizing this myriad of eclectic influences as well as his strong grasp of what’s working currently to propel his case for stardom. Peep his YT channel here for videos of his music and check out his streaming links; finally, you can grab some merch for his label right here.

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