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Yelawolf and Shooter Jennings Have Debuted Their Insanely Rocking Project Sometimes Y Via New Single “Make Me A Believer”

Well, this is a combination we didn’t see coming but we’re so glad it did! Hip-hop artist Yelawolf and Americana producer/songwriter Shooter Jennings have joined together for an intoxicating new rock project, Sometimes Y, which they just debuted with the release of their powerful leading single, “Make Me A Believer.” The collaboration and creation of Sometimes Y may seem off the beaten path to fans, but this track is such an incredibly pleasant surprise. Combining the likings of Ric Ocasek and Rick Nielson, “Make Me A Believer” delivers a sonic and lyrical liberation, making us anxious for more. And lucky for us, more is coming very soon! The duo also revealed a full-length studio album, an aptly self-titled debut, will be dropping March 11th via Yelawolf’s label, Slumerican. Sign us up!

Check out “Make Me A Believer” here now via the song’s official music video: 

Both talents have proven their skillset to be limitless, as evidenced on Make Me A Believer.” Yelawolf and Shooter Jennings have each made their marks on the industry, dipping their toes into many genres, and it seems we should expect the unexpected with this upcoming album. Produced by Jennings, who has 2 GRAMMY wins under his belt, and Yelawolf, an intoxicating front man who has created everything from country to hip hop, these two power talents who make up Sometimes Y are sure to stun the industry.

“Sometimes Y is the name of the group because of the question we bring to music and the listener. It also gives us the freedom to do anything and make any style we choose,” Yelawolf explained. “Shooter and I have been planning on working together for years and when we finally buckled down and made the album, I was like, ‘What the fuck were we waiting on?!” Jennings adds, “When you’re a kid in school, they teach you all these rules about spelling, but then they tell you about ‘sometimes y,’ which calls the entire system into question. Suddenly everything is out the window, and you can do whatever you want. That’s what it felt like making this record.” 

Their forthcoming album was recorded in the summer of 2020 amidst the dreadful pandemic and political heat that was happening on the other side of LA’s Sunset Sound Studios doors. The 10 tracks feature Yelawolf on vocals and Jennings on synthesizer, piano, and acoustic guitar, alongside Jennings’s longtime bandmates Jamie Douglass (drums), Ted Russell Kamp (bass, banjo, acoustic guitar), and John Schreffler (guitars, pedal steel).

Yelawolf recently shared, “I don’t think either one of us knew what would happen in the studio, but once we found the mojo, it was the most electric vibe I’ve ever experienced making music. This album is a fresh sound from a group of guys that are clearly hungry and enjoy what we do. And what is rock and roll anyway if it ain’t lawless?! Personally, I’m ready to shake shit up and have fun!” So are we!

Download/stream “Make Me A Believer” here: and pre-save the whole Sometimes Y album here:

To keep up with the project, follow @yelawolf and @shooterjennings on socials.  

Sometimes Y album cover art

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