Johnny Lugautti drops his high energy visual for “Mr. Pop Yo Shit”

Emerging rockstar Johnny Lugautti has teamed up with Los Angeles rapper Chris King for a new banger. Titled “Mr. Pop Yo Shit”, the two shared high-energy verses filled with witty rhymes.

“Mr. Pop Yo Shit” follows his EP “Born Star,” and stands as just the beginning for a swift takeover by the rockstar. Johnny tapped Snotty Nose Mafia artist Chris King to inject boastful bars into the track. Both undoubtable rockstars, created a hit to bring a new level of excitement to fans. For the mini-movie, the two headed out to a mansion in The Bay where they stunted bottles, chains, and cars to give viewers a glimpse of their wild lifestyles.

Produced by European producer group Anywaywell… The collective provided an instrument filled background with a base as poppin as the lyrics. If you have ever been to an event at an HBCU, the soundscape for this track is a one way ticket to feeling that energy.

Johnny Lugautti spent the entirety of 2021 building an inevitably amazing catalogue that is a testimony of his rockstar lifestyle. From collaborations with Snap Dogg, Euro Gotit, and more, he gifted listeners all the hype to last past the season of getting lit.

Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, Johnny Lugautti is the embodiment of a true rockstar. The emerging star’s infectious, sometimes emotionally charged music reflects hard times but gives light to a bright future. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite, captivating everyone’s attention as soon as he walks
through the door. His larger-than-life stage presence and a talent that was instilled at birth has allowed him to win over the hearts and speakers of listeners everywhere.

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