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Lil $o$o Cosplays Wu-Tang Clan In New “Wootang” Video

Last year, Lil $o$o — a Lunchmoney Lewis-protege and Kodak Black-approved rap star — released a string of hits in “Better Life,” “Go Ooh” and “Bad Attitude,” the buzzing singles to turn her from an unknown artist to a bonafide brand-spankin’ new rap star. Today, $o$o has followed the hits up with her first single of 2022, and it’s a builder to an expected highly-profile debut album, of course, is on the horizon. It appears that the rising star creates a homage piece with “Wootang,” which praises the iconic rap group, Wu-Tang Clan.

On the new track, $o$o records with buzzing producer Julian Beatz. And with elements that resemble the nine-member group’s iconic sound, $o$o weaves in her bossy, nonchalant and sultry wordplay with signature Wu references like “chef,” “Ghostface Killah” and “method, bring the pain.” A great way to begin the new year with a new sound to show off her diversity and evolution into stardom.

Directed by Melissa Marin, Lil $o$o with a group of salacious dancers, dressed with classic Wu wardrobe like Method Man’s contact lens, 90s Kung-Fu attire and so much more. The video delivers a similar early 2000s CGI feel heavily used by the Clan during the success of their multi-platinum sophomore album, Wu-Tang Forever. And like the clan, $o$o’s unique execution and sound is generating a cult-like following that will take her all the way to the top of the charts.

“Wootang” is out now on all streaming platforms. Watch her new video and follow Lil $o$o on social media.

Take a look at the new video for Lil $o$o’s “Wootang” below.

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