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Willie D Tha Kang has some fun on his new single “G.I.N. P.A.L.U.”

Willie D Tha Kang returns to the scene with his single “G.I.N. P.A.L.U.”. The Jackson, Mississippi bred MC crafts a slow brooding banger for your enjoyment. Backed by a catchy hook, Willie D. Tha Kang puts you in the mind frame of a fun night out with his vivid lyricism. It’s a bit of a departure from more introspective records we’ve heard from the rapper in the past few years. In regards to the track he said the following:

“Most of my latest releases have been dark and angry. I heard this one beat from a great producer I’ve worked with for years (JP on Tha Track) & it just got my energy up again. I called Hershey Blakk and set a session for the next hour. I was drinking Monkey 47 (my favorite gin) so it was up from there. The P.A.L.U. saying comes from a close friend of mine that passed away about 15 years ago. We went awhile without linking up because I was living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and he was in Jackson at the time. He would always smile when we linked & say “Players Always Link Up”, so that’s just something I carry with me in regards to all the friends and family I hold dear. So whilst taking shots of that gin and getting a ride to the studio, I put the track together. Back to the old me a little, just shìt talking, having fun & promoting responsible drinking.”

With warmer weather on the horizon this track is a good one to throw into your playlists. The uplifting and fun vibe is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer party scenes. Check it out now.


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