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Premiere: Marc Hughes Music is moving on with new single “I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t”

Marc Hughes Music has long been a favorite at 1DF with his powerful vocal ability. Ranging from R&B, Gospel and everything in between, his talent is as versatile as it is discernable. Marc is back with his first single of 2022 and it comes in the form of the scathing “I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t (ISS BS)”.

It was written after his last and final time ending a very toxic relationship. He said he wanted the tone of the song to be “Southern, Petty, and Churchy”, and he thinks he achieved that with Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Sharod Virtuoso, and Frank Taylor of TaylorMade Records.

“I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t (ISS BS) will be on Marc’s second album that will be released the Summer of 2022. The new single is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and all other streaming platforms.

Follow Marc Hughes Music
Tik Tok: @MarcHughesMusic85
Twitter: @MarcHughesMusic
FB: @IAmMarc


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