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First Day Feature: DYG talks about his album “v I B E” and more

Representing both Jackson, Mississippi and Houston, Texas, DYG is an artist with lyrical content that sticks to the rib. It’s evident on work like his latest single “Asking”. Impressed by the MC’s skill, we reached out to him to learn more about his musical process, what went into his last project “v I B E” and more:


Thanks for chatting with us man. How have things been for you in the midst of this pandemic, a new year starting and everything else?

Man it’s honestly been crazy but a blessing in disguise. I feel like people are always looking for new content and music and even though I dropped two projects last year, I’m trying to double that work ethnic coming up.

Has all that’s going on in the world made it harder or easier to craft your art?

I feel like with the creation part it’s always come natural. I mean I write songs in like 15 min if it’s flowing so I’m always going to have the material. The challenge is getting it out there. Everybody a rapper and everybody a content creator nowadays so it’s been a little bit of a process figuring out what’s the best way to get the ears and the eyes at the same time.

You recently released an album entitled “v I B E”, take us into the mindset going into creating this project?

Well right before “vibe” I released a project called “ENERGY” and “vibe” was suppose to be followed by “I N S P I R E”. Each was supposed to be like 5 songs but with “vibe” it just came out so natural. I wanted to make a personal, deep album that talked about relationships, doubts, fears, and feelings. It took some time to work through it but I was like “I want people to know more about ME after they listen”. And I just kept that thought process the whole time.

You worked with a few artists here like Willie D Tha Kang, Heartstopper and Kaidence. What made you work with these people in particular?

Well Kaidence is my daughter lol. She’s 6 but she always trying to pop in while I’m recording cause I got a home studio. I named her Kaidence for like a musical cadence and she loves music like me. So since she kept running in there I was like “Baby i’ma let you say something and I’ma keep it”. And that’s why she only say “I love you daddy” on the intro lol. Heartstopper been my dawg FOREVER. We met in high school when I was like 15 and he was 16. He taught me everything about recording and even recorded my first ever mixtape when I was 17. I had the song and knew he could add to the song and we linked and it was like history all over again. Willie D I met later but man….he always kept 100 with me. He always been supportive and he actually give a damn about the music and he’s one of my favorite independent artist cause he honest. So it was a honor having these people on the project.

How do you feel about the reception to the project as a whole since you’ve had a few months to let it live?

I feel like it was really well received. I just shot a visual for “No Time” not too long ago but I really wanted to do one for “ASKING” or “Lose My Mind” because I feel like they’re real catchy singles and people would rock with them. I still feel it’s one of my best projects if not THE best and I actually had fun knocking it out.

How do you feel the music here differs from that you have done in the past?

In the past I kinda was selfish. I cared about the bars and people being like “Damn he cold”. But it took a while to realize man music ain’t about just you. It’s about the listener and can they relate it and what feeling can you give them. The bars gone be there always but who can I touch with it and make them be like “Man that’s my shit right there!”. That’s what I’m aiming for.

What is the most interesting story you can tell us about the creation of the project?

Besides the Kaidence story it’s probably about Goin Crazy. I knocked out my session with my boy Bottz early and had like damn near an hour left. I record and write FAST because I practice before going in. So I’m drinking henn and I”m like man I wanna mess with this beat I just got today. So Bottz left me alone for like 30 min and by the time he came back I had the hook AND both verses wrote and knocked out that song too and it had so much energy it had to make the cut.

Switching gears, what is your favorite part of being an artist? Recording, writing, performing or something else?

It may sound cliche man but ALL of it. I love writing. I’ve freestyle and written in my head before but telling my story with the words is a blessing. Then performing and seeing the reaction in real time, good or bad, is necessary. Any time you can perform you can tell how hot it is by the reactions. Not the words but the body language. Outside of that the best feeling is when someone hits you up on a song they like without you asking. That’s the realest enjoyment right there and if I could pay bills with genuine love, I’d be happy with just that.

If you could do a feature for any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

Oooh. It’s kinda hard. It would HAVE to be between Pac or JayZ. Those 2 are my biggest influences PERIOD with rapping. And being from the south everybody expected Pac but Jay and how he puts words and metaphors together helped me see how I wanted to rap. Pac makes you FEEL it though. The raw. The real. Nobody can get that through the music like him and that’s why they both the GOATs.

Who have you been listening to outside of yourself lately?

I honestly try to listen to everybody. Even music that’s the opposite of mine. Been listening to a lot of Tory Lanez. I know the controversy but that man talented af. Can’t lie. Kanye. Lil Baby. J.Cole. Drake. Old Hov. Eminem. T.I. Chamillionaire. King Von. Pop Smoke. I listen to everybody. Hell I’ll go through some rnb and rock too. I just love music.

What should fans be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

I’m shooting for a single a month this year instead of just albums until I feel like my following is a little bigger to give it the album treatment. I LOVE making a whole project. I’d drop 3-4 albums a damn year if it made sense lol. I just dropped my first song of 2022 “D33P” out on all platforms and at the end of March I’m dropping “Light Work” with a video shot by my boy Ameer. Just more consistency and more content.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Honestly still making music and hopefully in a position where me and my squad can consistently drop it and reap the benefits from it. I hope to have a album out by then that people can recognize is a masterpiece. I know how good I am and I ain’t scared to say it but it doesn’t matter as much if you don’t have the ears to appreciate it. Just know I’m not stopping or slowing down. I’m a artist for life.

Any last words you want to share before we conclude?

Go stream “D33P’, go watch the video for “No Time” , and go download “vibe”, its all even on soundcloud for people who don’t have a music service. I want to thank you man for taking the time to interview me and introduce me to your platform, and keep checking for me. I’m gone let the music speak for itself. Be blessed.


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