Label MGE Has a Project on the Way Executive Produced by Kid Slopes

Record label MGE is coming for everything they deserve. Since 2013, they’ve been going hard to earn their throne as a powerhouse bound to get DMV music acts heard. While MGE is home to household names such as rappers Fat Trel and Z-Wayne, their label boasts talented young artists on the rise NSC Kai, MGE Gizzle and 23Rackzs as well. It’s been a long time coming but in the year of 2022, it’s going to be difficult for anyone not to hear about the label. They are releasing a mixtape this month and it is executive produced by DC native Kidd Slopes and the label’s CEO Hugo Squirle. Many visuals are on the way to accompany the release and you can expect tracks like “Z-Rade,” “Yasmine’s Story,” and “Black Truck Vibes” to be featured. You can also expect a documentary as well. Check out some tracks below!



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