YHIM Ft. B Lovee – “Big Birkin”

“YHIM” was born & raised in the hometown of Brooklyn, New York. However, “don’t let the blue hair fool you”. YHIM attended John Dewey High school for the majority of his high school career before briefly transferring to Canarsie high school where he carried out the remainder of his pre-college studies & earned his high school diploma. Preceding his graduation, the young Brooklynite took his talents across the East River to the birthplace of the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty & Apollo theater, Manhattan New York. Yhim hit the streets of Manhattan to further his education at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. While continuing school & pursuing his dreams in music YHIM decided after a year of college studies that now was the time to focus on his dreams full time. With the full support of his mother the young bull hit the ground running & pursued his dream of a music career on a business level, putting money, time, & hard work behind his craft.

YHIM shared that with the inspiration of some of his favorite musical artists & performers, he was able to produce a lot of his own music & even make some of his own beats. Some of these legendary artists include Drake, Kanye, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot & one of his favorite artists of all time Big L. The young artist takes great pride in writing 100% of his music & says he’s spent hours upon hours, long nights & days creating tons of released & unreleased tracks. When asked, YHIM shared that he took every opportunity he could to place himself in a studio setting, paying out of pocket for his own studio time & sitting in on a few sessions with other artists when collaborating. In doing so he was able to network & build his circle in the music industry. YHIM says that one thing he’s learned & taken away from maneuvering in the music industry is that “every opportunity is an opportunity to network, build & grow as an artist.”

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