The Kaleidoscope Kid Drops Music Video for “Fight or Flight”

Phoenix singer/songwriter/emcee, The Kaleidoscope Kid has released his debut album through legendary California-based label Suburban Noize Records/Regime Music Group across all digital music platforms. The new album takes listeners into an ethereal world that’s equal parts relatable and entrancing with The Kaleidoscope Kid and his dog, Blue. Taking pieces of his life and translating them into his sound Kaleidoscope has created a unique concoction of his blues-style guitar blended with hip-hop percussion and soulful vocals. Download and stream here:

The new album has been released with an accompanying music video for the upbeat standout single “Fight or Flight.” Reflecting on the new song Kaleidoscope Kid comments:

“Fight or Flight is the alchemical process of turning your dreams into reality while battling with the potential of failure. Songs written in a journal manifest themselves into reality like ripping out pages in my notebook and folding it into a paper plane – How far can these stories take you? As high as you want to go. But just as Daedalus warned Icarus…don’t fly too close to the sun.”

The Kaleidoscope Kid’s “Watermelon Kisses” has quickly become a hit with fans, as well as program directors where the song continues to take flight on Alternative radio. “Watermelon Kisses” is currently being spun in rotation across the country, including Alternative Stations like AZ 93.3 in Phoenix, 95X in Syracuse, and WEQX in Albany.

About 5 years ago, the Phoenix-based musician was Diagnosed with Reiter’s syndrome, a disease that ravages the entire body with crippling arthritis, inflammation, and caused blood blisters inside of his mouth and throat leaving him unable to eat or drink. Losing faith in traditional Western medicine and baffling doctors who gave countless misdiagnoses, The Kaleidoscope Kid turned to Eastern medicine and psychedelics while living off the grid in a Sedona cabin with his guitar and dog, Blue. Finding reprieve in music he wrote songs and learned guitar while he focused on healing with reishi mushrooms, organic berries, and Sedona spring water. His holistic approach to recovery worked and he eventually started to experiment with hallucinogenic mushrooms sometimes tripping for weeks at a time.

Through this journey, he found his calling, music. He returned to Phoenix and lived in a recording studio where he recorded the first demos that eventually got him signed to indie powerhouse label Suburban Noize Records/Regime Music Group.

Kaleidoscope states, “Writing music for me is medicine, through my own growth, self-acceptance, and healing. I can learn to be there better for myself and others, and show up fully to life. There is a magic to any creation but for me writing music has been a way to alchemize even the most difficult moments of my life and turn them into something beautiful.”

Although a true newcomer to the music scene, Kaleidoscope’s new album leaps and bounds between spaces, leaning on his charisma to bring the listener along for the ride. Kaleidoscope recalls, “These are the adventures of myself and my dog Blue, who was my best friend during those times of living in Sedona, wandering into the forest with no destination in mind. Anytime I would play my guitar and Blue would lay at my feet to listen. As long as Blue liked the songs I was happy.” A fan of an extensive catalog of inspirations that span from Beck, Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and Sublime— Kaleidoscope’s work is a reflection of intentionality and passion for the craft.

“Hold Up” was the first single released from the new record. With over 2 million streams, it continues to gain momentum while highlighting his edgy vocals and idiosyncratic flows. The accompanying music video is a cinematic homage to Breaking Bad, that sees Kaleidoscope wrestling with a bad trip and burying himself — or his former self — in a shallow desert grave. Watch here []

The second single released and music video from The Kaleidoscope Kid was “Watermelon Kisses.” With the maturity of ‘old soul, The Kaleidoscope Kids sings about being young and in love over a funky beat and some breezy acoustic guitars.

Kaleidoscope closes the album with the sad story of Blue passing away on “Maniac,” featuring Big B (Suburban Noize, OPM).  Kaleidoscope comments, “Big B had reached out to me after hearing some of my music, and we immediately started talking about doing a song together! He really helped open a new door for me, and I’m so stoked to have him be involved with this record!” The new album features artwork by Mossy Giant, who after hearing Kaleidoscope’s story he created the one-of-a-kind piece of art to commemorate the friendship with Blue and their journey.

The Kaleidoscope Kid was written, recorded, and produced by The Kaleidoscope Kid with mixing and mastering by Matthew Campbell at Vaul Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. Kaleidoscope returned to Sedona to record the album and he recalls, “The songs were all recorded in a cabin in the woods where I was living at the time. It seemed more as though the location chose me. And with the solitude and freedom offered by the surrounding forest, the songs of the birds and the creek, it was the perfect place to get lost in a world of my own creations.”

With the new album The Kaleidoscope Kid , Kaleidoscope Kid has created a wonderfully creative musical playground that is an immersive escape from daily life. It is a psychedelic trip, reminiscent of The Kaleidoscope Kid’s own journey that traversed living in a cabin in the woods away from civilization for years to battling an autoimmune disease that almost cost him his life. Armed with blues-style electric guitar riffs and hip-hop percussion, The Kaleidoscope Kid emerged from his journey with a powerful self-titled debut album The Kaleidoscope Kid dropping April 22, 2022 everywhere you stream music. Save and order here:


  1. Hold Up”
  2. “Watermelon Kisses”
  3. “Stampede”
  4. “Cause and Effect”
  5. “Fight or Flight”
  6. “The Kaleidoscope Kid”
  7. “It’s All Love”
  8. “Hell or High Water”
  9. “Maniac” ft. Big B

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