Get to know Shys Debiocci

Thank you for spending time with us Shys Debiocci. Please introduce yourself.  

Thank you for having me it’s a pleasure. I am Shys Debiocci from Cincinnati Ohio born and raised, but I also got to give a shout to Covington, Ky as well as the other stomping grounds I came up in. I am an artist/writer/author/actor/ entrepreneur/motivational speaker who set out to show the world it’s a new player that entered the game that possesses an arsenal of weapons.

Tell us about life growing up in your city. 

My city, like everybody else’s, to be honest, my city carries the same type of hood stories as any. It also carries the goods as well. We wanted to play sports, we wanted to do everything the average kids wanted to do, but I had to grow up faster than my peers. I have seen some of the craziest stuff at a young age that sticks with me to this day I can’t shake it. I just deal with it. Everything people say they’ve been through I experienced and more.

You’re a man who wears many hats. Author, Artist, Actor, and more. How important is it for you to have multiple avenues to pursue your passion? 

It’s very important because it gives me more chances to stay out of trouble. It gives me more chances to be great in life. God forbid I got to turn back to the streets, but it shows that I tried I didn’t just make a bad decision. It shows I gave success and a better life my all. Having multiple talents is a blessing because the 1 thing you want to blow up from might not catch traction. Whereas another may catch and once that happens you’re able to show the world look, I do this as well and then that’s when they become woke and jump on that wave as well.
You just released a new single ‘Shooting Star’ ft, Marcus Allen. Tell us more about it and where it’s available. 

We are finally back outside it’s been two summers dealing with the pandemic and not knowing how to move, but now we do. It’s about bossing up and becoming the best you can be. Be that star you know you are, and your friends know you are, and your family knows you are. Be that Shooting Star. I and Marcus were talking about working for a while and we finally did through our engineer 40oz productions who had also created the beat. I came into the studio and heard the beat. Normally I go write before the beat is near finished because I don’t write but I hear the song once I hear the beat. 40 got the beat about don’t Marcus Allen went in and did the chorus, dappled me up and left, and I went in and did my verses. It took us like 10 mins to do the song. The song is available on all platforms and the video is up on YouTube right just type in Shys Debiocci

Your latest book release is titled “How to Keep a Black Man“. What was your inspiration behind writing this book?  

My inspiration came from wanting to see more successful relationships in the black community, but the book is for everybody it’s not just centered on women it’s for men as well. It’s for every preference, everybody can learn no matter their race or color at the end of the day. This wasn’t created to attack the black woman or to point the finger at all so do not judge this book by its cover because it’ll show you how wrong you are. Before you judge, give it a chance, be open-minded and come in wanting to understand and gain knowledge. On my YouTube, there is a video talking more about the book.

Shy Debiocci is a 2X award-winning author, congrats! How does it feel to be recognized for all your hard work? 

It feels good but I am not content I don’t feel the things I’ve done yet. My eyes see so much more so until I get those things my mind is locked in. There are millions of people that have never heard of Shys Debiocci so I got work to do. I haven’t reached a bestseller so I have work to do.

When you have some time outside of business, what do you enjoy doing? 

Working out of course that’s a part of business as well though. I like walking by the water to clear my thoughts, I like meditating. Most men don’t but I love shopping. I love keeping up my image and my brand, I got to look good never know who may approach you. I love playing basketball, watching movies and so on.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future? 

Expect more banging singles back-to-back to back. Expect more books. Expect more movies that I will appear in. Expected the unexpected it’s up from here.

Please let us know where to follow you online? 

Instagram: Shysdediocci
Facebook: Big Shys
TikTok: big_shys
Snapchat: Shysdebiocci
YouTube: Shys Debiocci


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