Madeline Rose with her new single “Roses & Flames”

Madeline Rose has a promising career in music and she is coming for everything she deserves. When it comes to her music abilities she is a singer, songwriter and classical pianist. Since the young age of four, music was her passion and she made a promise to herself that that’s how she wanted to make a living. She is a force all on her own as she is self taught and her music is relatable and meaningful. She understands that making music with the right emotion can spark healing for her listeners. In her newest track “Roses & Flames” she gives us the feeling of a deep novel proclaiming a very tragic romantic fate. She highlights that the first love is the one that hits the hardest and she makes her audience feel a little less alone during the sadness. Madeline gives us more information below discussing how the song came about. Check it out below and hit play on “Roses & Flames.”

How did you come up with this record? What was the specific vibe?

I wrote this song in my room in like 45 mins because I was just going through the emotion of it all. I downloaded a guitar sample and looped it. I just hopped on the mic and sang melodies and started writing it all out. I had this song sitting in my files for like months and didn’t want to touch it because of how vulnerable I felt sharing it with others. I showed it to my music producer one day and he was like “nah you can’t keep this from the world, your vulnerability is what makes you special and relatable. I decided to be brave and just do it. Later that day we produced the entire song and recorded the vocals that you hear now for “Roses & Flames”.

Were there any influences for the record?

Yes! We were going for an old school type of R&B vibe, with like a 90’s sound. We wanted the song to feel like a story book and almost vintage. Some of our influences were artists like Justin Timberlake, Sabrina Claudio, Jorja Smith, & Aretha Franklin.

What makes the song stand out from the rest of your catalog?

This song stands out not only because of its old school, R&B genre, but because of how the lyrics unfold, kind of like a poem. It doesn’t just make the person listening to it feel a certain type of way, but it paints a picture to where you almost feel like you’re watching a movie. I wanted the listener to not only feel my emotion, I wanted them to see it. This song is so far the most vulnerable piece I have ever shared with the world.

What message(s) do you want the listeners to take away after hearing the song?

In my song “Roses & Flames” love and pain are intertwined. The message I want people to take away is that we all have to risk something at some point. We will never be safe from heartbreak, loss, & tragedies throughout this life unless we give up all endeavors of pursuing love. I hope people realize this but always choose love. Life without it would be boring and I love a good drama.


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