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DSwervo – “Me & Mine” (Official Video)

The tragedy of Uvalde, Texas was one of the most horrific events in U.S. history with the loss of 19 children and two teachers. Miami recording artist DSwervo pays respect to the victims with a new song of remembrance, titled “Me & Mine,” accompanied with a music video. Inspired by grief, the song is meant to be an eye-opener.

“I look around and every time you turn on the TV another mother loses a child, another family is crying, it’s getting out of control,” said DSwervo in a press release. “I just wanted to make a song to shine some light on these problems. I want people to know they aren’t alone in their suffering.”

Directed by Christopher Diaz, the Padrino-produced single is empowering, impactful, and overall much-needed. It’s the perfect introduction to the up-and-coming rhyme slayer. “Me & Mine” follows her debut single “Hmmmm.” DSwervo is best known for her consignment from award-winning music billionaire Kanye West.

Feel free to take a look at the “Me & Mine” music video below.

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