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Tremayne drops new single ‘Daddy Issues’ featuring Backxwash + Charlie Noiir

Hailing from Toronto, Rap and Hip Hop magician Tremayne makes a comeback after releasing the one of a kind piece “Total Fucking Darkness”. This time he teams up with horrorcore rapper Backxwash and label mate Charlie Noiir to deliver the grand musical number ‘Daddy Issues’. 

Pouring in an array of emotion and feel, this track really packs a punch. Listeners are caught in Tremayne’s passionate momentum in which he opens up about his relationship with his father and its relevance in adulthood. With toxicity threading through the lyrical content, listeners become witnesses to an amalgam of feelings ranging from remorse, bitterness, uncertainty and rage.  

‘Daddy Issues’ is an avid display of versatility as Tremayne taps at the crossroads of Rap and Hip Hop while paying homage to Metal’s potency. With great authority Tremayne works through an arduous topic, sharing space with his talented colleagues to offer a range of perspectives on the matter. It is with great class that the group curates a strong medium of relief for those who relate to the lyrics on a personal level. 

Meticulously crafted as an encouragement to embrace the hardships of life, ‘Daddy Issues’ is a wonderfully bold take on emotion and music itself.


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