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Charlie Noiir unleashes sensational 15 track debut project ‘On My Sleeve’

It is time to quit the gatekeeping and share a track we’ve had on repeat this month. We guarantee Toronto’s Hip Hop king Charlie Noiir’s ‘Ugly’ is one captivating number and won’t disappoint. Part of the debut album ‘On My Sleeve’, this track is a perfect taste of the rich goodness Charlie Noiir is able to deliver. 

The sensual guitar motif makes an incision briefly after the track begins, immediately taking the lead, cutting through the rest to guide the way. The crisp beat intervenes as the vocals settle in nice and snug. It is a provocative marriage of sounds, amplified by lyrics about a forbidden love, characterised by toxicity and dependence. 

Describing a ‘bad’, ‘ugly’ and ‘trouble[some]’ relationship, Noiir illustrates what prohibited temptation towards a poisonous woman feels like. A duality rises when he desperately sings “you’re a mistake, but you’re mine to make”. He addresses how they are undeniably drawn to each other because he admits “need someone new, but I’m used to you”. 

Perfectly channeling sweet desperation, ‘Ugly’ is a strong rendition on love and its complexity. Its multifaceted arrangement makes Charlie Noiir an expert in his genre, setting the bar real high for anything you’ll listen to next. 



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