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Queens, NY’s Newest Star 12Milly Drops The Video For “How You Do That”

South Side Jamaica Queens which is known for giving the world hop hop icons like 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj now has its next star ready to step out of the shadows and take over the game in 12Milly. Coming from that lineage of rap stars from Queens plus his high profile affiliations with Pierre borne, Cash Cobain, RahMeezy, and Chow Lee; 12Milly is destined to be an undeniable talent and on the playlist of every person who comes across his music.

This time around he is back with a hypnotic flow and a melody that will not leave your head with the video for “How You Do That.” The single is off his latest project “12 For 12.” With the video already surpassing 100k in just two weeks, this song is a guarantee to be heard all summer and anywhere there is music being played.

We asked 12Milly what are some of his favorite bars from the song:

“ was confused when I found out the price on a p I’m a rapper it’s cheaper for me. I was confused when I found out the price onna bodies but being great come with ah fee, being great comes with a fee like you might have to do some things in life you don’t wanna do to get to where you want to go that’s what that line means to me.


Social Media: @12millyy


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