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TMF Precha Exercises His Demons On New Anthem ‘Let Go’

Georgia native TMF Precha is utilizing his background as an author to deliver a powerful message via his latest single.

With the help of his frequent collaborator Catalyst Bars, and additional assistance from MAD Zero, TMF Precha unleashes his uplifting “Let Go” anthem. Serving as both a therapeutic venting session and a beacon of hope for his listeners, “Let Go,” captures TMF Precha’s potent lyricism while he deals with his life as a whole during one of his most vulnerable moments.

“Got to learn to let go/Can’t let the stress take hold/It has a domino effect/And before you know it’ll spin out of control,” TMF Precha raps on the intro.

Having delivered his debut single, “G.I.T.” last year, TMF Precha has managed to manifest an impressive amount of traction thus far, as the release garnered nearly 5,000 YouTube views and allowed him to build a healthy following of more than 19,000 Instagram users.

This year has been dynamically productive for TMF Precha, who has already delivered his popular “Grenade” single and collaborated with several artists, such as Xpression for his recent “48 Laws” release.

TMF Precha is also the founder of Now Entertainment, and has appeared in media outlets such as Brain Bakery Magazine, HipHopSince1987, Kazi Magazine, The Source and more.

Stream “Let Go” below.


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